Before I draw.


Do you think of drawing as a performance? 

What does it take to get to a drawing? 

What did it take ? 


Sometimes I think of everything as a performance. Being a person requires different personae. There is a give and take between your masks and your face. Where does your face start and mask end?  Where is the seam between reality and fantasy? That is a question I think about a lot. When I draw I obliterate that seam. What is real is the fantasy and the fantasy is real. 


When I draw there isn't an I and it's not a performance. I have done performances where I have drawn others and myself; although, I'm not sure who was performing? As I look at you I think about what could be going on in your head and your body. As we go through life and transform, shape shift, intertwine, breathe and die—our shared fate…. When parts of the body merge and mutate—when everything is too close—anatomy falls out of bounds and something else takes over. 


In their 2 hr performance URSULA,  they imagined their body as a monster. Using their hands, razor blades and power tools, they sculpted their being out of clay, latex, plaster and lace and solidified it in hot wax. The show was featured by Paper Magazine and Forbes, “Sex Worker Artists Host Self Destructing Online Art Show.” 


In 2020 Laur showed HEARTBREAKER at Petra Grunert Singh Salon: 18 large drawings made over Five years. An experiment in pain as a tool for growth, they covered their body and slammed against the wall with force to make a mark which they would use a hand mirror to draw into. Floods of red, black flames, and limitless space consume their body in these drawings. 


In 2019 Laur showed REBELS AND ANGELS at Horseshed, a queer project space in the UK where they showed photographs and video of friends they had drawn. The photos and video were projected large through the doorway of a Horseshed in the middle of a field. 


Throughout 2019 and 2018 they performed NIGHT OF THE HUNTER, drawings from the shadows of others at dungeons, the Chelsea Hotel and Nightclubs. NIGHT OF THE HUNTER became a series of ordeals and tests:  knives, climbing, pierced hearts, love notes and death waivers . In 2019 and 2018, Laur made performances with Stigmaunbound, a New York City Sex Worker Art Collective. 


In 2018 they showed HUMILIATION with Tanja Grunert Gallery: an installation of 78 small drawings with make-up scrawled on security camera stills of 3 people wrestling in a studio. In 2017 they showed DEATH by The Corp at Tanja Grunert Gallery. The show DEATH exhibited the implosion of THE CORP. THE CORP was an always changing nameless, faceless source of creative energy they would fight naked at raves, clubs, and other parties. The group was featured by the New York Times in an article called “After Oakland Fire, Brooklyn Artists Vow to Keep Partying. In 2016 Laur  had their first solo show with Tanja Grunert Gallery, VAMPYR:  6 large drawings of their genitals in the foreground, the rest of the body a blur, and a 6-minute video of a bathroom hookup on loop.











2021                        MONSTEROFEVOL.NET , Kink out and Eyebeam    

2020                        HEARTBREAKER Petra Singh Salon, New York, NY

2019                        REBELS & ANGELS Horseshed, Manchester, UK

2018                        HUMILIATION Tanja Grunert Gallery, New York, NY

2017                        DEATH by THE CORP Tanja Grunert Gallery, New York, NY

2016                        VAMPyr Tanja Grunert Gallery, Chelsea New York, NY



2021                        OPEN UP, Performance in a secret field, Chatham, NY

2021                        WALL POWER, Tanja Grunert Gallery, Hudson, NY

2021                        BODY OF WORKERS, Residency at EYEBEAM curated by VEILMACHINE produced by KINOUT online

2021                        LOVE, two person alongside Vaginal Davis at Tanja Grunert Gallery, Private Viewing Room, Hudson, NY

2020                        URSULA, 2hr online performance in EVICTION , E-VICTION.NET

2020                        HEARTBREAKER : SIRENS , Petra Singh Salon, New York, NY

2019                        NIGHT OF III: THE HUNTER V,  Maison Ten Gallery, New York, NY

2019                        WHORE HAUS, Pfizer inc, Brooklyn, NY

2019                        THE HUNTER V, STIGMAUNBOUND, Spread BK, NY

2018                        NIGHT OF THE HUNTER IX, Performance, VOW, The Spectrum, BK,NY.

2018                        THE HUNTER III, Performance, STIGMAUNBOUND, Wild Embeddings Gallery, BK, NY.

2018                        NIGHT OF II, Private Performance, Chelsea Hotel, NY, NY

2018                        NIGHT OF I, Performance, STIGMAUNBOUND: “Lust for Life”, Spred, BK, NY

2018                        THE HUNTER II, Performance, BLOODMONEY, LUCAS LUCAS GALLERY BK,NY

2018                        THE HUNTER I, Performance, STIGMAUNBOUD: “Pride”, Spread BK, NY

2018                        PRIDE<HONOR, Performance, University of Alberta, Alberta, CA

2016                        PLAGUE by THE CORP, Performance, CHASM NYC , Warehouse, BK, NY

2016                        RITE OF WINTER, “Winter” by THE CORP, Performance. Living Gallery, BK, NY

2016                        BROOKLYN WILDLIFE,“Winter” by THE CORP, Performance. Bizarre Bar, BK, NY

2016                        WINTER THE CORP, Performance. Bookkeepers, BK, NY

2016                        RITE OF SUMMER, Living Gallery, BK, NY

2016                        Nü Läpütä  by Nü, Performance. Flowers for All Occasions, BK, NY

2016                        Nü Haus  Nü, 361 Sumpter, BK, NY

2015                        DEEP TRASH: The Animal Farm, by CUNTemporary, Bethnal

2015                        Green Working Men’s Club, London, UK

2015                        Chelsea College of Art Degree Show  Chelsea College of Art, London, UK

2014                        SPIRIT, The Master Academy of Drawing in Budapest, Hungary

2014                        VACANT, KEK Galerie/ Abandoned Buildings, Budapest, Hungary

2013                        MAGIC & DIRT, The Old Police Station, London, UK

2012                        PAPERVIEW, Gathering of Tribes Gallery, NY, NY



2016                        I LOVE YOU FOR YOU, Nü Goth, BK, NY



2018                        BEDFORD BOWERY

2016                         NYTIMES