Claire Masters

June 23 – July 29, 2016

Claire Masters

Press Release

Claire Masters

Thursday, June 23rd - Friday, July 29th, 2016


“It started with the smaller ones – working as an artist assistant years ago instead of being paid in dollars I was compensated in secondhand swag from parties (i.e. a bottle of tequila for a day’s work) or art supplies.  


“One day we recovered an old flat file for this particular artist’s studio and the drawers were filled with these amazing patent blueprints that were to be discarded. I hoarded them and was inspired by the structure of the engineering renderings and viscosity of the paper to put something figurative on top.  




“Utilizing watercolor and ink I created blind contour drawings of memories and portraits. Blind contours are an exercise that young artists are taught where you cannot lift your pen or look at your work while you are making it – resulting in flourishing and complex line work. This idea and process developed into a sensory deprivation exercise where I cut off my vision for an extended period of time.  


“To draw my memories and images from my subconscious trying to reconcile my discomfort with the rise of virtual reality and extract my own version, color palettes were chosen ahead of time and the details were all added after I regained sight.”