Keil Borrman

User Agrees

May 5 – June 18, 2016

Press Release

Keil Borrman

User Agrees


User Agreement (working document):

This work is intended to benefit _____________________________________________

As the object moves through the market the the intent is that it will continually benefit the above 

at every instance of exchange.

By signing below the user agrees to the following terms:

If the work is passed on, either be sale, trade or through inheritance, any profit gained through

the exchange must be split between the selling party, their agent (if applicable) and


these terms and the faithful execution of them is at the core of the works life

as such

for the work to continue these terms must be adhered to at any and every point of exchange

at any point in time

in the future.




The record of exchange and evidence of fulfillment of the agreement (completed distribution of

funds) is integral to the work.

If, at any point, the work is found to have been exchanged, without the appropriate distribution

of funds, and proper and complete record keeping is not up to date the current holder of the

object is allowed 30 days to adhere to the terms of this agreement or the work must be forfeited

and turned over to


As a gift

Keil Borrman