Linda Gallagher

Unconscious Captives

September 14 – October 22, 2016

Dreaming with John, 2015

Stoya Dreams, 2015

Fight Off Your Demons, 2015

Blue Palms, 2015

Stoya, 2015

Press Release

Linda Gallagher

Unconcious Captives

Wednesday, September 14th, 2016 - Saturday, October 22nd, 2016


Tanja Grunert is pleased to announce Linda Gallagher: "Unconcious Captives", the next exhibition at her gallery.

Unconscious Captives is a playful romp through the imagery and sensations that define our times; flesh, pattern, tattoos, and faces; flora, food, felines and webbing.  Gallagher’s paintings and drawings explore various states of consciousness through the materiality and spaciousness of paint and line, bringing to the forefront the viewer’s own unconscious leanings.  The work is easily entered, luring the viewer into these shallow, lyrical spaces.  Quickly they morph, illuminating sources unseen, assuming new positions.  The references are not fixed and there is a stubborn openness to meaning; a relentlessness in not letting you escape nor define the space.  Gallagher employs an economy of means as a strategy towards openness, and therefore power.  Skirting the lines of figuration and abstraction, representation, male and female, the very act of gendering, space and time, oil and water; she compounds painting and drawing with calligraphic visual languages.  All is thrown up into the ether, landing in a space largely defined by each viewer.






Linda’s work can also be seen in a concurrent group show, “Make Me Feel Like A Woman”, with Ted Partin, Daniela Puliti, and Tiffany Smith, curated by Wardell Milan, at Long Gallery in Harlem, NY.