Stephen Zerbe: Bed Sized Works

June 7 – July 19, 2015

Press Release

Stephen Zerbe 

Bed Sized Works 


Tanja Grunert Gallery is pleased to announce the opening of Stephen Zerbe: Bed Sized Works on Sunday, June 7th, 2015. The artist's first solo show at the gallery will be comprised of mixed media paintings, wall sculpture, collage, and fabric gradient works. 
The artist utilizes a diverse selection of found objects and materials to construct his dynamic works. By blending of an array of media and methods of display, Zerbe continues his exploration of horror vacui, commercial packaging, juxtaposition, and his impression of the art world itself. In his quest to connect the dots, the artist creates optically tuned objects expressed through tactile means with a variety of textures.


The works are unified by their size, all of which are roughly the scale of a bed. This unifying thread and title is a tongue in cheek remark on artists' relationships with their dealers as well as the initial inspiration for the exhibition, as one of the works quite literally was the supporting piece of the gallerists’ bed. 




The works are self-reflexive, progressing and feeding off of each other to self-identify. There is a holism in the presented works -- almost as if the artist is giving his audience an all access pass to his creative and interdisciplinary process. His highly versatile visual language is adaptive yet disciplined, as the formal presentation anchor the works in the matter-of-fact ness of their appearance. 

With a background in Architecture, Zerbe received his MARCH in 2010 from Savannah College of art and Design. His selected exhibitions include Spring/ Break, Ryobi Room.